The company director of Waste4Fuel has spoken about the situation following yesterday's High Court ruling.

The EA was seeking contempt charges against the recycling company, former company director Bryan Hughes, new company director Shelley Hurst and site manager Jonathan Beckson, but the case was dismissed.

Shelley Hurst said: "I fully understand and appreciate the concerns of the local residents.

"Since taking control of the business on the May 9 2014, I have done my utmost to ensure that the company can continue to operate and begin to make disposals from the site.

"Following a number of machinery issues and a fire, we had finally got to a stage were we were able to begin making disposals but without a cash injection, or agreement from the Environment Agency to allow the company to generate further income, we simply cannot afford to make substantial disposals.

"The company is in a very fragile position financially, and the legal fees incurred by the company as a result of the court proceedings have drained the company resources. This money could have been put to better use by making disposals from the site.

"Two separate offers to clear the site were put forward to the Environment Agency during the course of the court proceedings, and both were rejected.

"With the restrictions in place as a result of the Final Order, it is unclear at present how long the company can continue to operate.

"I had hoped that the Environment Agency would assist the company with its plans to clear the site, but this has not been possible."