The stuntman who wowed billions when he jumped from a helicopter dressed as the Queen during the London 2012 opening ceremony has visited a Bickley school.

Gary Connery, who has also worked on the James Bond and Indiana Jones films, dropped into Bickley Park School, Page Heath Lane, to talk about his remarkable life.

The 44-year-old is the most famous wing suit jumper in the world and the first person ever to do a wing suit jump landing without a parachute.

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Gary Connery becomes the first person ever to do a wing suit jump without a parachute (see below video)

His first professional job was with Danny Boyle and Leonardo DiCaprio on The Beach - in which he had to jump off a high waterfall.

His other stunts include jumping off the London Eye dressed as James Bond, riding a BMX bike off Beachy Head, jumping off Nelson’s Column and parachuting through the middle of the Eiffel Tower.

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Gary Connery with Bickley Park School pupils Freddie Ellisdon and Alfie Taylor

Head teacher Patrick Wenham said: "Gary’s visit was part of a series of talks being hosted at Bickley Park School by positive male role models who have done something interesting in their lives.

"Research suggests boys benefit from positive male role models in motivating them to achieve."