Two Lewisham women were raped at gunpoint after a pair of brothers stormed their flat before escaping with cash and computers, the Old Bailey has heard.

Brothers Ali Deen, 24, and Basiru Deen, 22, together with a third unknown man, knocked on the door of the Lewisham flat and barged their way in when one of the women opened the door.  

Ali stood wielding a gun while both victims were raped by his pals on January 19, the court heard yesterday (July 1).

Jurors were told he then covered their heads with sheets and threatened to shoot them. The terrified women were allegedly left naked, sobbing and feared for their lives.

Before they left the brothers ransacked the flat and made off with £2,000 cash, computers and mobile phones, it is claimed.

Prosecutor Amanda Hamilton said two Hungarian women were living in the flat and one was working as an escort.

She said: "She had made contact with a man and expected him to come round on the Sunday.

"It was Basiru who had been making contact with this woman on her work mobile.

"She looked through the spy hole and saw one man, but when she opened the door two other men pushed their way inside."

Ali grabbed one of the women by the throat and shoved her against a wall, the court heard.

His brother Basiru "started off a train of violence" by punching the other in the face and demanding money, Ms Hamilton said.

He is then accused of forcing the terrified woman to perform a sex act on him and threatening to kill her if she went to the police.

The other woman was raped in her bedroom while Ali stood by wielding a gun, jurors heard.

Ms Hamilton said: "Ali was holding a gun and at one point held it against the women's heads.

"They thought they were going to be killed.

"The men ransacked the flat before they left, taking with them a number of computers and mobile phones."

Ali Deen is charged with two counts of aiding and abetting rape, possession of an imitation firearm and robbery.

Basiru Deen faces two charges of rape and one of robbery.

Both Peckham brothers deny all charges.

The trial continues.