Shortlands has become the latest town to be ‘yarn bombed’ by group of anarchist knitters.

A group of three ladies from a wool shop in Beckenham Lane hit the area this morning, having prepared for the fluffy adventure over the last three weeks.

Judy Armstrong, 48, who led the campaign, said the theme is based on ‘summer rainbows’ and added the trio was inspired by artistic movements elsewhere.

News Shopper:

She told News Shopper: “We did it early this morning – we decided to do something pretty and just wanted to brighten the place up a bit and make people smile.

“We’ve been planning it for weeks and it took a lot of knitting. We thought it’d be really fun.

“We’ve seen it done in London, Bristol, and people seem to really enjoy it.”

Yarn bombing, also known as ‘guerrilla knitting’, ‘urban knitting’, and ‘yarn storming’, is a type of street art that uses crocheted material to create colourful displays.

In recent years has appeared all over the world. If you find yourself checking out your local ‘kniffiti’ make sure you send us your pictures: / @joshbythesea