Let’s all get behind a pub that, in spite of everything, is still fully behind our boys in Brazil.

Forget the fact that the lads came home so early that their tans have already faded, the Coach and Horses still believes.

At least I imagine that’s why their giant St George flags are still all around.

Maybe they’re for the Commonwealth Games.

I joke, but in this context, I quite like it. And they have flags for other nationalities too, so it’s not, y’know, one of those pubs - the ones where you fear grips you as you anxiously read the word ‘hate’ spelled out across a skinhead’s knuckles.

Nope, it’s not one of those as far as I could tell. From what I saw, it’s very much a normal (and a little bit underwhelming) kind of pub.

The layout is open with plenty of seating, a huge screen and surround sound but it’s all a tiny bit drab and there are only two uninspiring ales on tap – one from Youngs and Bombardier.

The pick of the drinks as far as I was concerned was San Miguel on tap (£3.80).

The Coach and Horses is a little bit on the outskirts of town, so it probably doesn’t get the same amount of casual traffic as some of Bexley Village’s more central pubs, but it does seem to have its own regulars.

There are photos of fun nights on the bar, a trophy cabinet full of darts gongs and some touching brass plaques on the bar to sadly departed drinkers, which I thought was lovely.

I found the landlady pretty friendly and seemingly normal too, which is a bonus that can’t always be taken as standard.

You can’t fault the Coach and Horses for their efforts to cover all the bases, either - as well as a bar, there’s Mama Carmen’s Italian restaurant attached and accommodation.

The restaurant looks nice but I can’t imagine wanting to kip over, unless the atmosphere really did pick up to its apparent potential and going home was no longer a realistic possibility.

The Coach and Horses, North Cray Road, Bexley Village

How it rated:

Atmosphere **** Looks like it could get fun
Staff **** Friendly
Decor *** Tidy but uninspiring
Drink *** Just about enough
Price *** Decent