Kindly tweeters have been trying to help a man find his passport days before his brother's wedding.

The message descibed how Kieran Kelly had lost his passport at Barclays Bank in Bexleyheath on Friday (June 20) and how the desperate search was on to find the vital document in time.

The post was retweeted more than 690 times but it is not known whether he was reunited with the passport in time.

Kieran's brother, Liam, wrote the message which said: "My BROTHER lost his PASSPORT in Bexleyheath today, by Barclays Bank.

"Please can we use the pwoer of Twitter and Facebook to help find it.

"His name is KIERAN KELLY.

"If it's not found by Tuesday he will miss my WEDDING.

"He is my only brother and BEST MAN!! 

"Please help!! RT/ Share/ repost the hell out of this as somebody must have seen it today. 

"Thank you. Liam."

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