Being stuck in the gym when the sun is shining can bring you down.

That’s why Fusion Lifestyle, the sport and leisure management charity which runs six leisure centres across Lewisham, has launched a series of outdoor exercises ranging from bootcamps to running, 5-a-side football, athletics, bowls and high intensity Tabata training.

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They have also put together a guide of the who, what and why for shaking up your summer exercise routine with outdoor fitness.

Fusion Lifestyle’s product development manager, Darren Anderson said: “The outdoors provides a change of scenery; it can add interest to your workout and help keep you motivated.

“There are so many activities you can get involved with outside, there can be no excuse for getting bored.”


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Who: Boot camps cater for all fitness levels, as options are offered for each activity so you can set your own pace and challenges.

What: Most are loosely based on interval training sessions often used by the military. Classes tend to be 45 or 60 minutes and include a variety of exercise techniques.

Why: If you are looking to boost your fitness, lose weight, increase your metabolic rate, work hard or just enjoy a challenging class in the open air with friends, then bootcamp could be a great option. You should start to notice visible results in a relatively short time period.


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Who: Great for fun outdoors, it is suitable for all ages and abilities. It is never too late to learn to play.

What: You can have a go at anything from a technical training class, to an informal practice session, or a full on match.

Why: Beyond the physical benefits of a great cardio workout and improved coordination, tennis also offers huge social benefits, with the opportunity to meet other like-minded players and relieve stress.


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Who: Clubs can be found for beginners all the way to elite runners. Work your way up as your running and stamina improves.

What: Typically running clubs will combine road running and track training and will teach people how to perfect their running technique, prevent injury and increase their speed and stamina.

Why: As running uses the whole body, it requires more energy than many other fitness options and this energy is drawn from fat stores all around the body, leaving you looking trim and toned all over. 


Who: Perfect for the time poor, as it allows you to get fit with an intensive 4 minute workout meaning you can easily fit it in to a lunch break or before work. Can be adapted for all fitness levels.

What: Tabata is based on a combination of high intensity exercises clinically proven to get you fit in just 4 minutes. Tabata can be done anywhere.

Why: Tabata has been shown to accelerate calorie burning after exercise so you continue to feel the effects hours after the workout, making it ideal for those looking to get fit, live healthier lifestyles and lose weight. Regular classes can result in a better body shape, stronger muscles and an overall improvement in fitness levels.