Temperatures are soaring but Southeastern are telling parched punters not to drink water from their train toilet bowls this summer.

The company has become the butt of online jokes after traveller Tom Papworth spotted this sticker on the back of a toilet seat while travelling from Victoria to Orpington.

It helpfully warns confused commuters who might be tempted to guzzle straight from the can: "Not drinking water."

He tweeted: "Thank you, @Se_Railway for saving your passengers from a fate worse than death. #NotDrinkingWater"

It is not know how many, if any, travellers have mistaken their train's loos for a water fountain and taken a cool, refreshing drink.

A spokeswoman for Southeastern said: "I'm sure all of our passengers will have worked out for themselves that the water in this particular location isn't suitable for them to drink, but it never harms to state the obvious.

"We're reviewing the location and number of signs on our trains at the moment and will feed this example into the process."

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