No one turned up to the illegal Erith rave on Friday night (June 20) despite more than 160 people saying they would attend on Facebook.

The event was planned to take place at Arjo Wiggins Fine Papers Ltd factory in Turpin Lane but the company put on security to prevent it taking place.

Police also attended the factory and are believed to be still investigating the organisers.

Concern over illegal raves has increased after a 15-year-old schoolboy tragically died after attending one earlier this month.

Rio Andrew died on June 16 after falling at a rave in a disused sorting office in East Croydon and another teenager had his little finger ripped off.

Commander Simon Letchford has warned of the perils of such parties.

He said: "Parties of this nature are not licensed, and they are often dangerous.

"No security staff, no medics, no concerns about the number of people present and unsafe properties all add up to a really dangerous place for people to be.

"Anyone who has any concerns or any information about the people responsible for planning these events should contact us on 101."