This miracle moggy is feline-fine after surviving by a whisker when he jumped out of a tower block window more than 70 feet from the ground.

Nine-month-old Bruce lives with his owners James Attlee, 24, and Natalie Huntley-Hills, 18, and their baby Isabella in Orchard House in Northend Road, Erith.

The magnificent moggy gave his owners a fright when he decided to go for a wander and jumped out of a window from their flat which is on the sixth floor at 4am on Monday, June 9.

Mr Attlee told News Shopper: "There was a dodgy catch on the window and Bruce liked to rest by it.

"We went to bed as normal on the night it happened but I couldn't really sleep properly.

"I just kept stirring and then I heard a loud thud.

"I looked under the sofa to see if Bruce was in his usual place and he was nowhere to be seen.

"I then realised the window was open and I looked out and saw a black figure by the entrance of the flats on the concrete.

"I thought he was dead, I was shaking and really worried.

"I went to wake Natalie up and I said 'I think the cat has jumped out of the window'.

"We didn't know what to do and we looked out the window again and we could see that he had moved."

Miss Huntley-Hills went down to get Bruce and took him back up to the flat in the lift.

Mr Attlee added: "His paws were bleeding and there was some blood on his nose and mouth.

"We were just amazed he was alive, he really is a cat that had nine lives, we just could not believe it.

"I quickly called a cab to take him into the PDSA Hospital in Thamesmead and he even used the litter tray before we left.

"The vets kept him in for a day and checked he was ok, he was eating and drinking fine so they let him come home.

"I keep the window locked now but he does still go on the window sill and has a look out."

PDSA Veterinary Nurse, Susan Fitzroy, said: "The cat was rushed to Thamesmead PDSA PetAid hospital after falling six floors from a flat.

"Miraculously, Bruce did not suffer any significant injuries apart from some bruising. Following a thorough examination by the PDSA vet staff, and after being kept in overnight for observation, Bruce was allowed home the next day to recover from his ordeal.

"Sadly not all cats are as lucky, so PDSA would advise owners to keep a close eye on their pets, particularly during the warmer weather when the windows are open, to make sure they can’t fall and injure themselves."

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