There are fears of more domestic violence during the World Cup after Kent saw a considerable increase in incidents as England played their first game.

Police reported 21 extra calls in the county last weekend, compared with the previous Saturday and Sunday.

The spike prompted expectation more would come during yesterday’s match against Uruguay and the final group match versus Costa Rica on Tuesday. 

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Pritchard told a national news website: “Football doesn’t cause domestic abuse, but it can certainly be a factor that can complain it within certain relationships.

"We predicted that there would be an increase in domestic incidents during the tournament and we want people to report these incidents to us, and to be confident about doing so."

Statistics show a correlation between football and issues in the home and the National Centre for Domestic Violence is trying to raise awareness of the problems throughout the World Cup.

In the 2010 tournament it is said England games caused an increase of 25 per cent, and although the team is usually defeated, police say drink is more to blame than results.