One-year-old Golden Retriever Bailey loves football and is very good.

She also loves playing catch and chewing just about anything she can get her paws on, says owner Melissa Hills from Bexleyheath.

Bailey’s not so keen on rain, though.

Does your pet have a special talent? She is very good at football!

What makes your pet special? After our family lost our beloved family dog, Goldie, last year after 13 years we didn't think anything could fill the gap.

We decided to get Bailey a few weeks later as the house seemed very empty.

Bailey has brought a big smile to all our faces and has such a funny personality.

She goes mad when you haven't seen her for a day and tries to lick your face if she can.

She will watch TV and also wink at you occasionally. She also loves to play at the park and has a tendency to put her tennis balls in her water bowl (pictured).

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