Describe where you live in five words or less, that was the challenge we set.

Our 5 Words competition produced some positive, some negative, some playful and some completely random responses.

Here now for your enjoyment are 25 of the best answers, including the winning entry.

The contest has now finished but see if you can do better than those who entered, by describing your area is five or fewer words in the comments box below.


Sutton at Hone: Friendly, great walks and lakes. – Christine Brazier

Dartford is where Kentish Traditionalism meets Iconic London. – Bill Robertson

Dartford is run down. – Bradley Howsam

Dartford is adaptable, accessible, historic, green, home. – Jamie Dickie

Gravesend is a port town where Pocahontas died. – Clemma Tagg

News Shopper: A stained glass window image of Pocahontas, who was buried on the church site


Honor Oak Park: Green, vibrant, families, community, home. – Rachel Gleave

Kidbrooke is peaceful, well connected, posh, friendly, clean. – Prerna Gupta

Catford is vibrant, urban, spirited, colourful, thriving. – Zoe Harriman

Sydenham’s citizens are so considerate. – David Hughes

New Eltham is leafy, with a villagey atmosphere. – Ian Curtis

Sydenham: Busy central quiet convenient local. – Clare Petty

Deptford is vibrant, friendly, interesting and surprisingly green! – Anne Greensmith

News Shopper:


Crayford: Hilly, dirty, past its best. – Alison Joyce

Sidcup, the patio of England. – Robert Constable

Slade Green: Where fast trains whizz by. – Jackie Synnott

Bexley is amazing, stunning, peaceful, spirited and fun-packed. – Deana Sowamber

Bexleyheath is diverse, historical, welcoming, stimulating and statuesque. – Jade Ridout

Sidcup: Busy, traffic, nice, kind, average. – Darren Lawrence

Belvedere is a reservation on the outskirts of London. – Donna Anderson

Thamesmead is watery, wild, scenic, calm, close to nature. – Joanne Coles

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Thamesmead photographed by Ewan Munro


Cray Valley is full of Cray Pride. – Teresa Ball

St Paul’s Cray: Dumping ground for Bromley. – Patrick Whelan

Motinngham is Misunderstood, Unloved, Alive, Picturesque, Proud, Green, Compact, Fascinating. – Leeanne Lucy

Eden Park is: A peace of Eden's garden. – Tim Fox


Popular, Eclectic, Neighbourly, Gregarious, Easygoing - spells PENGE. - well done to Laura Bishop for coming up with this, our favourite entry.

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Mural overlooking Penge East station car park  Picture by jelm6 via Flickr

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