England face a crunch encounter this evening and we’re all hoping they rise to the challenge. At least the squad is looking tasty - and let’s hope Luis Suarez is not hungry for goals.

Aldi has kneaded its baked goods into portraits of England’s famous footballers, including Greenwich’s Glen Johnson and former Gravesend and Northfleet player Roy Hodgson.

They are joined by Gary Cob-hill and Dough Hart in the bespoke breaded line-up.

The England side kneads a win tonight against a Uruguay team that were decidedly half-baked in their first game against Costa Rica, which they lost 3-1.

Despite an encouraging performance against Italy, England can hardly claim to be on a roll. Let’s hope there are no flaky performances. (Iced) fingers crossed.

The line-up took food artist, Sarah Hardy, more than 28 hours to create using 20 slices of bread, eight pitta breads, six croissants, four brioche buns, four fruit malt loaves, four whole-wheat roll and three tortilla wraps. 

Glen Johnson’s teeth have been given a tortilla twist, whilst Joe Cahill eyes are reconstructed out of fruit malt loaf.

Gary Cahill has also been given a full head of wholemeal sliced bread and Roy Hodgson sports an unusual cheese topped roll suit jacket.

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