A Swanley pensioner was tricked into letting two thieves pretending to be police officers into her home in the middle of the night.

Yesterday night (June 17) a woman in her 70s who lives in Elm Drive answered a knock on her door  to two men claiming to be police officers.

It was reported that once inside they began searching the victim's home.

One of the men spoke to the victim as the other emptied drawers and looked for valuables.

They are reported to have stolen several items, including her purse and asked her to remove her jewellery but she refused. 

The victim reported that when the men spoke to each other, it was in a foreign language.

She has described one of the men as being Asian, around 5ft 4ins tall and having stubble.

The second man was white and of a similar height.

Both were dressed in black clothing, with the appearance of police officers.

A third man was reported to have been waiting in a car outside.

Kent police are also investigating a similar incident which took place earlier in the evening in Brasted when a women in her 90s was disturbed when the men entered her home through an open door.

When she confronted them they produced what appeared to be police identification.

The men stole her purse.

Police officers will be holding local street surgeries to meet communities affected by these incidents and there has also been an increased policing presence.

Detective Inspector Neil Kimber said: "Whilst most people who call at your home will be genuine, we are reminding people to be on guard against bogus callers may try to trick their way into your home and steal from you.

"These men have shown some form of ID to people to gain entry into their homes, but please be aware that they are not police officers.

"Should someone call at your home and you are not confident that they are genuine, close the door and call Kent Police for verification. None of our officers will mind if you do this."