A Crayford mother has claimed that somebody could 'lose an eye' in Primark after her five-year-old narrowly missed seriously damaging her eye when she hit it on a 'dangerous' hanger.

Charley Gunnell, a pupil at Normandy Primary School in Erith, was shopping with her mother, Jane Morley, aged 31, of Shearwod Crescent, and her siblings, one-year-old twins Lily and Daisy and Tommy, aged four, on June 15 when she hit her face on a metal rod used to hang pants in the store in High Street, Dartford.

Miss Morley said: "At the ends of the aisles they've got metal rods, they're on three levels and she hit her face on the middle one - she's got a black eye.

"It's a really bad design - they need to be covered by a rubber stopper or something - if a toddler ran into the lower one they could lose an eye."

Miss Morley was walking in front of her daughter when she heard her cry out and a fellow shopper told the anxious mum that she had hit her eye on the hanger.

The mother-of-four added: "She was saying she couldn't see at first, it was really scary.

"I took her straight to the doctors, they said everything was fine but it she was been an inch or so shorter it would have gone straight into her eye."

Miss Morley spoke to the manager of the store after the incident.

A Primark spokesperson said: "We were sorry to hear of the incident which took place in the Dartford Store on Sunday.

"Customer safety is very important to Primark and we take extensive measures to ensure our stores are safe shopping environments. "As is the case with any accident in store, this incident is currently being investigated and we will continue to liaise with the mother of the injured child during this process."