Bexley residents are concerned about a group of gypsies who have moved from Abbey Wood to Falcon Wood.

Caravans arrived on Welling Way at around 11pm last night (June 16) causing distress to residents.

Around 20 caravans are now said to be parked up on Falconwood Field between Welling Way and Rochester Road.

One annoyed resident who asked not to be named said: "Many people, use this field to access Falconwood station, walk their dogs, play ball games with their children as it is such a wonderful open space for all to enjoy, but now due to gypsies moving onto this site I feel people will avoid the area and feel too intimated to use this very public space. 

"I am so disappointed the police could not do more to stop them entering."

Caravans began pulling up at 11am on June 17 to the field between Longleigh Lane, Bramptom Road and Bostall Hill in Abbey Wood.

Met Police are currently blocking off one of several entrances to the grassy area.

A police officer on the scene said: "They haven't caused any trouble but they shouldn't be here.

"Greenwich Council have applied for a licence to have them removed so within a few days they will have to move on somewhere else."

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