A dance school owner has defended her decision to let four young girls pole dance at a school fete and called the outrage "ridiculous".

Cat Ledbetter, 30, who owns Revolutions Pole Academy based in Hextable, was part of a an eight minute display which took place at the Crockenhill Primary School fete on Saturday.

One parent has reportedly said "lots of people were upset" and left the performance but has refused to be named and Miss Ledbetter told News Shopper the school has not received any official complaints.

Mother-of-one Miss Ledbetter, of Cray Road, Crockenhill, who has been a teacher for seven years, said: "It was a great fair and a lovely atmosphere, it's now got a negative shadow over it.

"The so-called complaint is a bit ridiculous really. People have mixed views and I am not saying what we do is for everyone.

"There were four students in this performance aged between four and twelve and two adults, myself and another girl dressed as a warthog and meerkat and we performed to the Lion King.

"I was really surprised when I heard about this because we never had complaints from parents at the fair and we had lots of helpers.

"The children involved are upset because they think they have done something wrong.

"Two of the girls were wearing shorts which was the clothing appropriate to the activity and the other girls were wearing leggings."

Miss Ledbetter did a solo performance to Let it Go from Disney movie Frozen and a 12-year-old also performed to Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler.

The children who took part attend aerial gym sessions at the studio in Egerton Avenue and practice on five pieces of apparatus- a metal pole, trapeze, aerial stilts, rope ladders, long pieces of fabric and a hoop.

Miss Ledbetter added: "I am very proud of the children and they have been made to feel that the have something wrong,

"We are not like a gymnastics club, we are all about teaching confidence, exercise and keeping fit."

Shaun Welch, 43, from Crockenhill, who is the father of Jessica, 12, who took part in the performance, said: "I don't see anything wrong with what the girls were doing. 

"My daughter is hardly going to Stringfellows to perform. 

"She used to want to be a professional gymnast and trained 30 hours a week but it got too much. 

"She decided to do this with her friends, it's a great way for the girls to keep fit." 

Anne Castell, a mum of one of the girls in the performance, said on Facebook: "Sleazy and I inappropriately dressed??!!

"How dare that man discuss my 11year old daughter in that way.

"So leggings and an off the shoulder t-shirt are no longer deemed as acceptable public dress? Seriously what era is this man from?"

Sarah Warshow, headteacher of the school, added: "The Crockenhill School Association has a history of inviting organisations with an association with the school or the wider village community to perform at our fairs.

"We try and put on entertainment that's free of charge for anyone who wants to have a go and at this event had a number of circus skill-themed, gymnastic activities, of which pole fitness was one, along with the hoop, diabolo and plate spinning.

"The performance was Disney-themed, featuring costumes based on the Lion King and Frozen.

"All of this was entirely appropriate for young children and families.

"Circus skills are becoming more and more popular in our community and the Revolutions group is a well-attended fitness and skills class run by a parent at the school."

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