Brockley neighbours have warned someone could be killed after a lorry jack-knifed in their road, shed its load and caused chaos in the area.

Drakefell Road residents want action after the 30-ton lorry double-decker sized lorry, pulling a second wagon of another 20 feet, tried to negotiate the Avignon Road junction mini-roundabout, when its load of timber crashed onto the road, toppling the driver’s cab onto its side.

News Shopper: Brockley knife-jacked lorry 'could have killed pedestrian'

Gillian Piggott, 47, said of the June 10 incident: "This is horrendous,

"We’re just thankful the load spilled into the road, rather than onto the pavement - it would have crushed pedestrians."

The incident took 13 hours to sort out with police struggling to deal with the volume of cars continuing to traverse the narrow street, eventually diverting vehicles away from the scene.

Dr Piggott, who has lived in Drakefell Road for 17 years, said: "While the traffic was diverted, we experienced for the first time how wonderful living here could be. We’ve got to call time on allowing traffic to wreck our lives."

News Shopper: Brockley knife-jacked lorry 'could have killed pedestrian'

Drakefell Road Action Group (DRAG), a collection of residents was formed 10 years ago, aiming to persuade Lewisham Council to calm traffic along the busy street. Recent events have revitalised their efforts.

Dr Piggott said: "This isn’t the only dangerous accident we’ve had – a few weeks ago a vehicle went through someone’s window, and numerous cars have been smashed into.

"We’re urging the council to take action now before someone is killed."

DRAG recently contacted newly-elected Telegraph Hill councillors to discuss banning HGVs from Drakefell Road, with the introduction of width restrictions, bicycle stands and street reorganisation in favour of pedestrians. The group also want traffic reduction and control which encourages residents to park on the road, freeing up the pavements.

A Lewisham Council spokesman said: "Several restrictions already exist in the Drakefell Road area including width, weight and bus only restrictions which help to reduce the numbers of heavy goods vehicles using this road.

"A temporary speed indicator device is also planned for 2014/15. Junctions residents feel are dangerous can be reported online at as well as requesting speed restriction measures."