A young driver drove his friend's car on to Brands Hatch during a race while she begged him to stop.

Jack Cottle, 21, can be seen in an online video laughing and joking during the incident which took place on Saturday at the circuit near West Kingsdown.

The white VW Polo entered the Volkswagen Fun Cup race after Cottle managed to make his way through the car park, the pit lane and finally out onto the track without being challenged by security.

Cottle interrupts the race in his friend's car. 

Throughout the stunt a female passenger can be heard pleading with Cottle to stop but he carries on regardless while a friend films everything from the back seat.

As the hatchback enters the famous racetrack, which used to host the British Grand Prix, the driver shouts “We’re on the track boys and girls.”

A number of race cars whizz past as the VW cruises round a few corners before pulling over to exit the track.

Cottle, from Tonbridge, told a national newspaper he was “proud to be different”, “lives every day” like it’s his last and that the incident had been “blown out of all proportion”.

An investigation is now being launched into how Cottle managed to get on track without being stopped.

A statement from the British Racing and Sports Car Club said: "On Saturday afternoon during our race meeting at Brands Hatch, an unauthorised private car gained access to the live circuit while the Fun Cup Championship race was in progress.

"The race was immediately red flagged and all cars left the circuit.

"Kent Police, the Motor Sports Association and circuit operators MSV are conducting an inquiry and we are of course fully co-operating with them.

"Until the outcome of the inquiry is known the club won’t be making any further comment."

A statement from Brands Hatch is expected shortly.

The video has been viewed more than 220,000 times on Youtube. 


  • Kent Police has arrested a 21-year old man from Tonbridge on suspicion of false imprisonment. He has been released on bail until July 24.