There is a Twitter account which really puts the MEAN into Greenwich Mean Time and is possibly the rudest clock ever.

If you’re someone who might like being insulted while finding out the correct time, the @GreenwichMean feed is worth checking out.

The Greenwich Mean Time account has built up almost 12,000 followers in little over a year with its combination of time-telling and offensive put-downs.

It’s a shame the abusive author only tweets a couple of times a day and that much of what they write is just plain sweary, because when they are on form they come out with some hilariously scathing comments.

Here I've rounded up 24 of my favourite tweets. They are taken from different dates but put into convenient time order so you can enjoy a whole day’s worth of Greenwich Mean’s unique way of presenting information!

If you think you can do any better than these, write a comment below stating the time and the wittiest insult you can come up with.

News Shopper: Wayne Rooney









News Shopper: Prime Minister David Cameron






News Shopper:







News Shopper: Jedward won't need to spend time doing their hair in the bathroom - all they need to do is stick their fingers in a plug socket





News Shopper: Piers Morgan prime-time US chat show is coming to an end