Last week Councillor Julian Benington replaced Ernest Noad as mayor of Bromley. In accordance with tradition, here are eight things to bear in mind when in his presence.

1. If you are announcing the mayor of Bromley at an event, always refer to him to as 'the worshipful the mayor of Bromley'.

2. When in conversation with the mayor of Bromley, you should address him as 'Mr Mayor' and then 'sir'.

3. The mayoress is referred to as the mayoress or in conversation 'madam'. 

4. If the mayor is attending an event a responsible person should be delegated to greet him on arrival.

5. The mayor should then be accompanied - not necessarily by the same person - for the whole event. 

6. The mayor will arrive not more than five minutes before the start of a function.

7. At events held within the borough, the mayor's precedence requires that he should be seated to the immediate right of the president, chairman or host. 

8. By act of parliament, the mayor has precedence in all places within the London borough of Bromley.