An Orpington couple celebrated 60 years of marriage and commemorated the day with a new front door.

John and Brenda Evans, 80 and 83, met at the cycle speedway in the 50s, where the 23-year-old lady watched her husband-to-be tear round the track - and often fall off, apparently.

The pair, of Lodge Crescent, tied the knot in 1954 at All Saints Church and on Sunday June 8 got together with friends and family to mark six decades of companionship.

Mr Evans was just 20 when he wed his wife and "in those days" anyone under 21 had to seek permission from their parents to do so.

Mrs Evans, who worked as a baker, said: "He was my toy boy. It’s all changed now but he had to get a letter - I’m three years older than him.

"I thought he was a looker though. I remember he used to always come off his bike - he was known as ‘Crasher Evans’.

"We had a wonderful time on Sunday - we’re so lucky".

Mr Evans plied his trade as a timber merchant when he wasn’t racing and said the key to a long-lasting relationship is "having lots of arguments and then making up afterwards".

He said the 60th anniversary was really special and added: "She fancied me and I fancied her. We had a beautiful day, really special.

"All the family came round, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

"He didn’t get me a diamond ring this time, but we treated ourselves to a new front door."