Science exclusive for you here – Professor Brian Cox loves squirty cream and evening cuddles, and he purrs very loudly.

Of course this Professor Brian Cox, Brian to his friends, is a cat and he’s our Pet of the Day.

The one-year-old tabby was nominated by Paul Seymour from Erith.

Not surprising given his two main likes, The Prof’s dislikes are not getting his squirty cream or evening cuddles.

Does your pet have a talent? Not really but he does have a cool/unusual name (my wife is a fan of the 'real' Professor Brian Cox and wanted one of her own!).

What makes you pet so special? Professor Brian Cox was a rescue cat and we'd only had him a couple of months when he was attacked (by a fox as far as we can tell) and had to spend four months with his back leg in plaster. With two other cats in the house it was like living on the International Space Station closing one door, then another, opening the next one 'airlock' style to keep him in and the other two free to roam and crash. He was SO pleased to see us each night that you could have heard the purr a mile away. He's now fully recovered but still purrs VERY loudly indeed!

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