Denise King from Bromley nominated her six-year-old budgie Eric to be Pet of the Day.

Eric likes eating marrowfat peas and dislikes Twiglets.

He is not a normal budgie, as Denise explains: “My Eric is the most different budgie ever. He is in control of everything he wants i.e He lets you know when he wants a bath or when he wants his rich tea biscuit (which is on the coffee table all day, so he just helps his self).

“He uses normal human words i.e Kneesy loves Eric, he’s a gorgeous budgie, want wishy wash or bath, he’s a pretty boy, I'm just going to the shop I'll be back in a minute, wanna a can of beer, wanna biscuit, where’s the birdies, it's alright Eric the birdies have gone, he’s a love machine, he’s a sexy Eric, see you later be a good boy today, and many more, the list is endless.

“He is human I think, he knows what he wants and I too know what he wants, he kisses you and tells you he loves you, and enjoys sitting on my dinner plate sharing my dinner. He eats all human food and has done since day one, six years ago.”

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