A young woman has come down from the roof of intu Bromley's car park, from which she reportedly threatened to jump.

Police officers were called to the shopping centre, formerly known as The Glades, at 4pm.

A police spokesman confirmed she came down at around 9pm, adding she is "safe and well".

Three police cars and three fire engines could be seen next to the car park building while police officers stayed on the roof with the woman.

News Shopper:

A large crowd gathered nearby, and later a crane was erected in an attempt to help her down.

Elmfield Road was closed throughout the incident.

Earlier one witness, who had been watching things unfold, told News Shopper: "I've been here for the last half-an-hour, but she's been up there for about an hour.

"They (police) can't get her down. I've never known anything like this to happen here.

"But anything can happen in Bromley". 

News Shopper:

On Twitter, @chelsashlee said: "Omg there's a woman standing on top of the Glades in Bromley threatening to jump."

Debbie Mastbraker added: "To the lady on top of the Glades building please don't jump!! Emergency services please get her down!!"

For confidential support about issues involving suicide call the Samaritans in the UK on 08457 90 90 90.