A drug dealer has been jailed after Kent Police officers discovered a haul of cannabis worth almost £200,000 in his van in Dartford.

Christian Busby, aged 38, of Cromwell Road, Reading, was imprisoned for 20 months by a judge at Maidstone Crown Court on June 6 after admitting possession with intent to supply a controlled drug.

Busby was pulled over in his silver Ford by a marked police vehicle on the M25 near Dartford on February 13 at around 1.15pm.

A Kent Police spokesman said: "The officers' suspicions were aroused when Busby appeared skittish. When they asked him what was in the back of his van, he claimed it was fishing gear he had borrowed from a friend.

"However, when the patrol opened the rear of the car, three large boxes and a package wrapped in black plastic were discovered.

"They were found to contain a total of 19 vacuum-packed bags of herbal cannabis, each weighing a kilo. According to street values at the time they were discovered, the total worth of the haul was around £190,000."

Busby was arrested and charged.

Investigating officer, DC Simon Mather of Kent Police, said: "Busby was attempting to transport a large amount of cannabis through Kent, with a view to dealing it on the streets.

"The evidence against him was absolutely overwhelming and I trust the time he will now spend behind bars will give him the opportunity to reflect on the damage he could have caused should these drugs have been distributed.

"The cannabis was seized and destroyed, which should send a clear message to all those who believe they have the right to deal illegal substances in Kent."