Bromley has been listed as one of the best places in the capital for men on the look out for love. 

Research by the Future Foundation think tank reveals the London borough has a ratio of 113 single women per 100 men.

It is joined in its offerings by the likes of Enfield, which has 116 per 100, and Wandsworth, coming in at 114 per 100.

If Bromley fails to satisfy all its hopeful studs though they may find more luck in Liverpool, as the city's Knowsley area has a whopping 120 ladies available for every 100 men.

In reverse the outer London boroughs contrast with the City, which is reportedly the top spot in the country for ladies hoping to bag a match - the analysis shows a staggering 155 single guys for every 100 bachelorettes.

The study also shows there are 67,000 more men without partners though. Bad luck, fellas.