By the time Monty Python takes to the stage in Greenwich for the first time on July 1, there is a fair chance England’s stars may be back to catch them.

England’s final group game is on June 24 and, provided they get that far, their round of 16 match will be on either June 28 or 29.

So, the legendary comedians’ unofficial World Cup anthem is timely.

With disappointment largely anticipated, Eric Idle has crafted a new verse for his classic Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.

The new verse includes: “When you’re in the World Cup, And all your hopes are up, And everybody wants their team to win.

“Then they go and let you down, And come slinking back to town, It’s time for this daft song to begin.”

And it may well be.

The Pythons’ is not the only World Cup song with a link to south east London.
Blackheath songwriter Paul Baker – the Andrew Lloyd-Webber of football anthems – has teamed up with Britain’s Got Talent singer Gabz for Holiday in Brazil.

Another Britain’s Got Talent contestant, Beckenham’s DJ Talent, has also re-released his World Cup tune.

And this one’s not new, of course, but these World Cup songs never die, do they? Chislehurst’s Dizzee Rascal (yeah, apparently he lives locally) teamed up with James Corden for Shout in 2010.

But whose is best? There’s only one way to find out...