A jet-setting great great granny has celebrated her 100th birthday with family from all over the world.

Theodora Maisie Latimer, of St Bartholomews Close, has been a Sydenham resident for nearly 20 years and lived in Lewisham borough for twice as long.

She celebrated her centenary in Margate with family, whose ages range from 100 to 18 months. Guest included daughters Jean Newey and Patricia Armstead, visiting from Australia and Canada.

Throughout her long life, Ms Latimer has worked as a teacher, travelled the world and taught underprivileged children in Calcutta, India.

She now has eight children, 14 grandchildren, 19 great grandchildren and four great great grandchildren.

Granddaughter Jacqui Knight, 45, of Lucas Road, Penge, said: "She has lived a long and wonderful life, and continues to live to the fullest, having recently flown back from Australia on a two-month holiday."