A man says he and his girlfriend are "lucky to be alive" after their van was smashed into and flipped onto its roof as they drove home after delivering flowers for a funeral.

Chris Hackett, 26, of Glynde Road, Bexleyheath, and Katy Wendon, 26, were travelling down Danson Lane, Bexleyheath towards the A2 when the accident happened at the junction with Bean Road on Sunday evening about 10.30pm.

Mr Hackett co-owns Diane's Floral Design in Pickford Lane, with his brother Ryan Hackett, 32, and had just dropped off the flowers for a funeral taking place on Monday morning.

The brothers took over the business last year after their mum who owned it passed away from liver cancer aged just 55.

Mr Hackett told News Shopper: "We were just driving down Danson Lane and the next minute I heard Katy scream and we were spinning out of control.

"I remember when we were hit and it sent us spinning out of control.

"I think I must have blacked out for a few seconds.

"The next thing I remember was saying to Katy "be strong, be strong", that must of been when the van ended up on its roof.

"The next thing I remember was the seatbelts tightening and us hanging upside down.

"I had to undo my seatbelt and popped myself out and fell on my head. I booted the door open and a bystander helped me drag Katy out."

Emergency services rushed to the scene and Miss Wendon was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich with a chest injury which turned out to be a broken rib.

The couple were kept in overnight but have been recuperating to Miss Wendon's house in Upwood Road, Lee Green.

Eyewitness Ruchi Dale, 29, of Iris Crescent, Bexleyheath, said: "The accident looked horrendous.

"There was a white van upside down wedged into a lamp post which was at an angle and another car completely smashed in at the front."

Mr Hackett added: "If we were not wearing out seat belts we would have been dead, we are lucky to be alive.

"The car must have been going much faster than we were."

Bexley Council carried out emergency repairs since the accident and restrictions were in place until Monday.

A London Ambulance spokesman added: " We recieved a call to say a car had collided with a lamp post in Danson Road.

"We sent one ambulance and a duty station manager to the scene.

"A woman in her twenties was treated for chest injuries sustained from the seatbelt and she was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich."