Quirky pub company Antic has turned an old job centre into Deptford High Street into a brand new watering hole, opening today. But what other famous south east London buildings have been given a new lease of life?

We want you to let us know (comment below or tweet @NewsShopper), but here’s a few to start you off…

Eltham GPO

News Shopper: PubSpy: Is it the Old Post Office or Eltham GPO? Hipster bar will split opinions

Another Antic venture, the old post office in Eltham is now a trendy pub.

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The O2 Arena

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Perhaps the most high-profile of the lot, the controversial Millennium Dome was reborn as one of the country’s best gig venues. The first gig was Bon Jovi in 2007.

Big Red

News Shopper:

Bus journey’s were never the best of dates, but thanks to a loving transformation in Deptford, an old London bus is now a romantic spot for lovers after a bite to eat.

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Deptford Project Café

News Shopper: DEPTFORD: New York Times points tourists to area

The people of Deptford sure know how to recycle because here’s another case of something being reborn as a social venue. The Deptford Project Café made use of an old train carriage. Sadly, it reached the end of the line earlier this year when the carriage was moved into storage in Greenwich to make way for houses.

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Pizza 1889

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An old shipping container was transformed into a gorgeous little pizza restaurant in Orpington with some serious credentials earlier this year.

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