Royal Park Primary School in Sidcup launched their world cup focus with a special assembly and a guest appearance from TV star Kaka Dembele.

The Dartford FC player starred alongside Cristiano Ronaldo in a recent Nike advert visited a the assembly at the Riverside Road school.

The assembly which was led by PE leader, Catherine Fitzpatrick, which also included an investigation of the history of the World Cup.

Mr Dembele answered questioned from the school's sporting stars and also took part in a ‘keepy-up’ contest which entertained the audience.

The school plan to use the World Cup to stimulate writing and mathematics and host their own World Cup tournament to showcase their achievements and exceptional development in the sporting arena.

Louise Lynch, the new headteacher of Royal Park, said: "This is an exciting time for the children, allowing them to acknowledge all of their achievements so far and driving their aspirations just like the teams represented in the World Cup."