An Abbey Wood mum claims she could have died after the ceiling of a Plumstead library “fell on her head” and “smothered” her.

Manjit Kaur says she was just checking her emails at Plumstead Library last week when part of the ceiling collapsed on her and she was taken to A&E with head and neck injuries and suffering from concussion.

News Shopper: Abbey Wood mum: 'I could have died after Plumstead library ceiling fell on my head"

The 53-year-old care worker is warning other users of the library in Plumstead High Street to be careful and says she is “scared” to return.

Ms Kaur, who lives in Rutherglen Road, said: “My head was smothered with plaster and concrete bits.

“There were bits and pieces in my mouth.

“I could have been dead. More people could have been injured.

“I am even scared to go into the library again.

“I think the public have got a right to know what they are walking into when they go into that library and whether they are going to walk out alive.”

The mum-of-two is concerned the library has reopened when she has not been contacted and feels a proper investigation should have taken place.

She says her head is still painful and the incident has made a broken wrist, which she already had, worse as well as shattering her phone.

News Shopper: Ms Kaur claims her phone was broken when the ceiling fell down

The incident happened on May 29 around 2.30pm during half term week and Ms Kaur was worried a child could have been hit.

She added: “I don’t think the library should be open considering what’s happened. They are putting people at risk.

“It should not have happened.

“My head does not feel the same since.

“You don’t go into a library for that to happen.

“It could have been somebody with a child.”

She is considering suing the library following the incident.

Plumstead Library was unavailable for comment.