A Grove Park mum who feared the worst after her teenage son flew over the handlebars of a bike in Lee wants to thank the Good Samaritans who helped him.

Reece Bromley, 17, had trauma to his head and started having fits in Northbrook Park after he fell off his bike attempting a ‘wheelie’ last month (May 18).

News Shopper: Grove Park teenager helped by Good Samaritans in Lee park bike ambulance scare

Onlookers flocked to his side and looked after him until his parents arrived, as well as directing paramedics and an Air Ambulance to the scene at around 5.20pm before he was taken to hospital.

News Shopper: London Air Ambulance flew into Northbrook Park after a teenage boy fell off his bike

The teenager had been playing in the park, which is near his grandmother’s house, for an hour before dinner with his 13-year-old twin brother and sister when the accident happened.

His parents rushed to the scene when daughter Ellie-May Bromley fetched them. Mum Sharon Bromley said: “It was a really bad situation.

“The worst went through my mind. It was seriously scary, you don’t know what to do, all your first aid training goes out the window.

“He had never had fits before, it was from the trauma.

“He was just spaced out, he couldn’t shut his eyes.”

The mum-of three, who lives off Baring Road, says there was not time to thank the people in the park who helped.

Mrs Bromley said: “I just really wanted to say thank you to all the people that helped.

“It does restore your faith in how great people are in your local area and how people pull together to support children in need.

"The paramedics were amazing, they were so good and kind.

“They even sent him a get well card.”

Reece was taken to King’s College Hospital by road ambulance with a London Air Ambulance doctor on board.

News Shopper: Grove Park teenager helped by Good Samaritans in Lee park bike ambulance scare

Mrs Bromley says he was lucky to escape with a broken shoulder, broken wrist and cuts and bruises.

The pre-school teacher added: “Basically, it seems you can’t even leave children out for an hour. It was a shame.

“Reece even had a phone in his back pocket [to call for help], but he was sitting on it.”