Among the many thousands of people who live in south-east London and north Kent there are some residents who shouldn’t be here.

We’re referring to ghosts and ghouls who should be long gone but have decided to stick around in certain places to put the willies up people.

Here are 10 such scary locations with a haunted history where sinister spooks and paranormal activity have been reported. Try not to have nightmares if you dare to read on ...


Maybe it was down to early technical glitches or people just weren’t very good at using computers back then, but in the 90s people working at Heritage House reported some strange goings on.

These included weird symbols appearing on computer screens and settings changing for no obvious reason.

The sound of someone typing but nobody being there, rooms suddenly going cold, objects shifting around on their own, the kettle turning itself on and off and the lights flickering were among the other unexplained happenings.

It was speculated at the time how the activity may have been linked with the ghost of Pocahontas, the young American Indian girl who came to England in 1616 but who died in Gravesend a year later.


This place is said to be haunted by the ghost of a female nurse whose body is believed to be walled up in the cellars.

In the mid-19th century, when the nurse was caring for a severely ill patient, it is suggested she tried to fiddle the patient’s will in her favour.

There have been several sightings of a ghost in nurse’s uniform, holding a batch of documents.

The old rectory is also thought to be haunted by a nun who was one of three in medieval times to be bricked up in the cellar and left to starve to death after being caught in amorous activity with some monks.


There have been dozens of bizarre experiences around the remains of an 18th century fort and site of a medieval graveyard.

A dark figure has been seen floating around, while visitors have heard odd noises and felt cold spots.

In 2009, fort volunteer Victor Smith told News Shopper: “I remember one visitor who accused us of making up stories to get people to visit.

“Minutes later he came running out scared to death about something he had seen, but he wouldn’t talk about it.”


A woman purportedly died after she was hit by shrapnel during the Second World War near to number 16. A little girl was also killed while riding down the street.

Later, in the 1960s, the house at number 16 was said to be plagued by poltergeists.

Weird scratching and banging, strange smells and spooky footsteps forced the terrified family-of-six living there to flee.

Another family also witnessed the ghost of a headless woman.


A few years ago it was claimed a quiet terraced house in this street was home to an evil presence lurking in the bathroom which made lady of the house Eliza Wager feel like “I was suffocating and I pictured there was a child being hung”.

Whispers, bangs and footsteps were being heard, and on one occasion a little boy with a cat was seen in the living room.


In 2010 Paul Reed got a spooky surprise after walking his dog in the park.

News Shopper: BECKENHAM: Dog walker spots 'ghost' in park

Mr Reed was trying to photograph his pet walking past some ducks but the dog suddenly refused to budge.

When the photos were uploaded Mr Reed saw what appeared to be some kind of transparent image of a person.


Take it with a big pinch of salt, but the caves could be one of the most haunted places in Bromley at least in terms of potential phantom population.

They are reputed to be a selection off ghosts haunting them.

News Shopper: What to expect at Chislehurst Caves this weekend

Haunted Bromley author Neil Arnold wrote: “These range from a woman drowned many years ago in a pool situated deep in the tunnels, to a cavalier, a horse, a woman pushing a pram, a Druid, a spectral imp, and a black dog.

“Most of these ghostly tales are unfounded, despite the history of these passageways, which run some twenty or so miles beneath the ground.”


Another contender for number one haunting hotspot of the Bromley borough.

There have been many sightings of ghosts around Biggin Hill, usually the suspected spirits of perished airmen. On investigation, the mystery figures are nowhere to be seen.

News Shopper: Haunted Bromley: Ghosts in Biggin Hill

One such apparition was seen by a bus driver some years back: “I distinctly saw a figure of a man waiting at the aerodrome bus stop to board the bus.

"As I got near the stop, I could see that it was an RAF airman but the strange thing was, I noticed he was wearing the uniform of the 1940s. I found this very strange and thought it was my imagination.

"I continued towards the stop and was almost there when this figure suddenly vanished. I could not believe what I had seen. I was the only person on the bus so there were no passengers to back up my story."


If the stories are to be believed, the Arsenal site is home to a large community of ghosts.

It’s estimated there are at least 50 ghosts there, making it one of London's most haunted places.

News Shopper: Horror: This chair was thrown at Mr Smith-Gore by an attention-seeking phantom

This chair was thrown at Richard Smith-Gore by an attention-seeking phantom

The chair-throwing, kettle drum-playing phantom of Building 41 laughs hysterically while a hair-stroking, button-undoing prostitute has gunners too scared to enter a basement room.

Then there’s Piggy, a young boy who blew himself up and is known to pull the hair of young girls.


This old boozer is reportedly haunted by the spirit of notorious highwayman Dick Turpin as well as other ghosts including a French soldier called Barnard who is said to have been knifed to death as he awoke to find people robbing him when he was staying in an upstairs bedroom.

It is thought it might be Barnard who gave a female member of staff the heebie-jeebies last year.

News Shopper: Jaime Smith on the look out for ghosts.

bar worker Jaime Smith was staying over in the pub one night when she was woken by footsteps and keys outside her door. Then she felt cold air on the back of her neck and someone touching her hair. Someone shouted 'Who are you?' at her. When she turned on the light no-one was there.

Staff and customers have also seen a silhouette of a man at the end of the bar, smoking a pipe.

Have you spotted any of the ghosts mentioned here? Do you have your own chilling story of something that’s gone bump in the night or given you the shivers? Where do you think the spookiest place in this area is? Tell all in the comments below.