An 8-year-old Orpington girl who felt "really sad" after seeing a homeless man has single-handedly raised over £400 for a homelessness charity.

Natascha Leach, of Felstead Road, saw the man outside South Kensington tube station after visiting the Science Museum with her father.

She was so moved she put on a cake sale last Saturday (May 30) to raise money for people in his situation.

Her mother, Paula Leach, said: "The homeless man had a dog and was in a sleeping bag. She started asking my husband all about it.

"When she got home she wanted to do something to raise money, so he could find somewhere nice and warm to sleep."

Natascha added: "I was thinking that he must be really sad because if he was living on the streets there must be something wrong with his house.

"I wanted to do something to help him."

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Natascha with her mother, Paula Leach, at the cake sale

Mrs Leach, 41, got in touch with Centrepoint, a charity which supports young people who are homeless, which sent Natascha a fundraising package.

Natascha put together a leaflet saying why she wanted to raise money for the charity.

Mrs Leach said: "She took the leaflet to school, to brownies, gave it to all her friends. She walked up and down the road putting letters in people's letter boxes.

"She put a poster outside the house. Even before the sale she set up a justgiving page so friends and family who weren't local could donate.

"Neighbours who couldn't make the sale sent money in advance which was incredibly kind.

"The cake sale was very successful. In just over an hour she completely sold out of cakes.

"We are still totalling up how much money was made and its over £400 so far."

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Natascha Leach feeds her friend Madeleine Maunder-Taylor, 8, some cake

Natascha said: "It made me feel really pleased because I didn't think I would be able to raise that much money."

Mrs Leach added: "I am really proud of her. This was all her idea.

"If your child has empathy with something and wants to do something you have to support her."

To donate to Natascha's justgiving page, click here.