A former Beckenham Scout has died after a bomb struck his family home in Libya.

Faraj Al-Jehani, a member of 5th Beckenham South Scouts during his early teenage years, was killed by a suspected mortar shell in the early hours of Monday June 2.

Tributes have been pouring in for the 23-year-old, who had attended Langley Park Boys School and maintained close friendships from his time in the borough.

The Scouts announced the news and in a statement, said: “From what we believe, the family home in Benghazi was struck by mortar fire shortly after morning prayer.

“Faraj was one of five brothers, two of whom (Anas and Ahmed) were also members of the 5th. He turned only 23 on January 4”.

It occured on a night in which 18 people are believed to have died in the city. Others in Faraj's household are not thought to have been seriously harmed.

Faraj had been in his penultimate year of dentistry in the country’s second city and also volunteered for the International Red Cross.

He is said to have been optimistic about Libya’s future, despite continued unrest following 2011’s uprisings.

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Faraj Al-Jehani during a Scout trip

Group Scout Leader Chris Elmer, 36, described a “kind and good natured boy” and said many in the Beckenham community were distraught by the news.

He told News Shopper: “I remember him well – he was a very gentle boy. He was never any trouble and very dedicated to his religion.

“He was a really nice child developing into a fine young man.

“We heard about it on Monday morning. He still has lots of friends in England – he used to visit from time-to-time. They are all very upset.”

Mr Elmer said Faraj lived in Overbury Avenue and had been a member of the Scouts for three years while his father, a doctor, spent time working in London.

Friends in both England and Libya have been paying their respects to Faraj.

On Facebook, London-based Daphne Bastian commented: “How tragic, terrible sad news. Praying for him, his family and friends who are devastated at the loss of a lovely young man.”

And Twitter user @FreeBenghazi said: “God have mercy on you Faraj. You were an exemplary and energetic young man, with high morals.”

Faraj with his brother Ahmed represented the The Scout Association as part of the first ever contingent of UK Scouts to attend the Hajj, an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca.

Ahmed and Faraj Al-Jehani

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