A 100-year-old window removed at a new kebab shop in Bromley breached planning regulations.

Residents were distraught to see the “much-loved” curved pane on Widmore Road stripped out and replaced with a flat, steel frame.

Designer Mick Flynn, 49, said last week it seemed no thought had been given to the project and said he and many others had written to Bromley Council.

He told News Shopper: “It was there for over 100 years – it was a nice feature on the street.

“It’s being turned into a kebab shop. I don’t have a problem with that, but why take out the nicest part of it?

“It’s just sad. The window was beautiful – it’d be good to try to preserve some history instead of dumbing-down our street.”

But today (June 2) Mr Flynn said the council had informed him the old window is being reinstated as planning permission to take it out had not been sought.

News Shopper:

Councillor and deputy leader Colin Smith confirmed the news and said: “The alterations need planning permission which has not currently even been applied for and the owner has been told that he needs to apply for permission or face enforcement action. 

"The council has requested that the bay window is re-instated - we will be looking closely at the plans when they are submitted.”

The findings following numerous complaints from residents, which led the council to launch an investigation into the work.

The local authority had initially refused a change of use, citing an “over-concentration of takeaway units”, but was overridden by the government’s Planning Inspectorate.

A spokesperson said: “Concerns were raised about the proposed use of this site when the application was originally considered in 2011."