A young girl who developed the bones of a 100-year-old has seen money for a new wheelchair raised in under 12 hours in an Orpington-based fundraising campaign. 

Former netball captain Jessica Taylor, who recently celebrated her 22nd birthday, was hit with severe ME at the age of 14.

After being bedridden for seven years she now also suffers from osteoporosis and in the past has been unable to speak, move, or at times even recognise her family.

Describing her situation, Jessica said: "My life is a world of one room. The ME caused me to lose everything in the end.”

Now however Jessica is showing signs of recovery and is expected to try to stand for the first time in close to a decade – though has been unable to get a fully-reclining wheelchair to offer some relief.

But a fundraising campaign, launched yesterday (June 1), has been inundated with donations and the £650 target was topped in less than a day.

Jessica may now be able to do far more, such as going outside and enjoying the garden.

She added: “I've got a fight on my hands and I believe I am going to get better."

She also started her own charity, Share A Star, late last year, which looks to help children and teenagers who suffer from serious illnesses.

See her YouTube video below: