Royal Marines have given the people of Greenwich a second surprise in a week.

After waking up the town in dramatic style on Thursday morning by practising a dawn helicopter raid on a suspect boat, they spent Saturday showcasing their hand-to-hand combat skills.

One scene demonstrated a stunning Japanese headlock while another saw a cheeky Marine use a less impressive, but equally effective, method of bringing down an enemy soldier.

A third episode saw a Marine fend off a knife and baseball bat attack. All three videos are below.

The Marines are celebrating their 350th birthday and arrived in the town on HMS Bulwark en-route to Normandy for the D-Day 70th anniversary ceremony.

Spectator Sophie Dumas, 29, of Hither Green, told News Shopper: "The sight of fit and tasty Marines writhing around in the weekend sun was a real treat.

"They're so strong and skilled. The crowd loved it. As far as I am concerned they can stay in Greenwich as long as they like."

Marine demonstrates a Japanese headlock

Marine demonstrates a 'low blow'

Marine demonstrates how to fend off a knife and baseball bat attack