Two men from Eltham and Bromley jailed for burgling a pensioner's home were arrested on a bus after being tracked there by a police sniffer dog.

Billy Hudson, 27, of Rochester Way, Eltham, and Sanchez Williams, 26, of Pike Close, Bromley, have each been sentenced to five years and eight months behind bars for taking part in the raid in Wrotham.

A third participant, Junior Lungo, 24, of Bracton Lane, Dartford, has had his sentencing adjourned.

The trio broke into a house in Pilgrims Way, Wrotham, on October 10 last year but found their escape route blocked when the elderly victim returned home.

The victim, aged in his 80s, saw their stolen Audi trying to exit his driveway and parked his own vehicle in the way.

Lungo leaped out of the Audi and attacked the victim's Jaguar with a sledgehammer, smashing the windscreen.

When the victim got out Lungo threw a laptop at him, which injured his hand.

The trio abandoned the Audi after the victim's gardener appeared. They jumped into the Jaguar and sped from the scene.

The victim remembered he had left his iPhone in his car, which had been installed with a tracking app.

This led police to the abandoned Jaguar in Heath End Road, Bexley, and a police dog followed the burglars' scent to a bus stop. All three were arrested on a bus.

The trio pleaded guilty to aggravated vehicle taking and admitted two counts of burglary committed on the same day at a property in The Street, Sevenoaks.

Lungo also pleaded guilty to assault causing actual bodily harm and damaging the victim's car.

Hudson and Williams appeared before Maidstone Crown Court on May 23 and were jailed for a total of more than 11 years.

Detective Constable Mark Ansdell said: "The fact that one of these offenders used a sledgehammer to attack the victim's car shows the lengths they would go to commit crime and evade capture.

"Had they not been caught I'm sure that they would have carried on offending and it is highly likely that the level of violence would have escalated.

"Whilst we would never encourage people to tackle violent criminals the victim showed incredible courage to stop these men getting away.

"This case has also showed how important it is to install tracking software on mobile devices such as phones and tablets."