Two bungling criminals have been found guilty of kidnap and robbery after a carjacking in Petts Wood last year.

Danny Crawley, 33, from Sutton, was sentenced at Croydon Crown Court today to eight years in prison.

David Moody, 40, of Godstow Road, Greenwich, was jailed for six years.

The two kidnapped Charles Warr in Station Square on October 30 and robbed him of a £75,000 Aston Martin Vantage car, a Rolex watch and £100 cash.

Mr Warr said he was approached by the pair, who were brandishing broken bottles, at around 8pm after a haircut at Millers Gentleman's Grooming.

The 22-year-old said: "I was ushered into the car. I didn't want to get stabbed so I was doing what they told me to do.

"The older man got in the passenger's seat and held a bottle to me. The younger man ran round and jumped on his lap.

"He was shouting at me, pushing the bottle at me. There were a lot of threats of stabbing me. He said things like 'I'll open you up'."

Mr Warr said he was then driven around south-east London at speeds of up to 100mph while the pair tried to buy drugs and alcohol.

He said: "The younger man started driving. He was driving like a lunatic, he nearly killed us.

"He was driving well above the speed limit, he was driving at 100 miles an hour, crashing into the curb. He couldn't control the car at all.

"They didn't seem to have reason behind having me in the car, they didn't really seem to know where they were going and they were stinking of alcohol."

Eventually Mr Warr got away when the pair stopped to buy alcohol in Thamesmead.

He said: "He (the driver) had been complaining about the seat being too far forward so I told him if you need to adjust the seat look down the side.

"There was nothing there. I hit him three times in the face, jumped out the car and ran and called the police.

"The whole thing shook me up quite a lot for quite a few months.”

Moody was identified through CCTV at BP petrol station in Mottingham and arrested.

Crawley was arrested later.

The Aston Martin has not been found.