A Southeastern train has been taken out of service after an angry commuter said urine was running through his carriage. 

Henry Bryne said he was travelling on the 08.47 from New Beckenham to Charing Cross today (May 29) when he encountered an "unbearable stench". 

He described a "sticky liquid" running from underneath the toilet door, and believes urine is also playing a part in creating an "unsightly scene". 

The passenger said: "This is evidently urine and other toilet liquid as the stench is unbearable.

"How on earth has this train been allowed to run in this condition? The mess is NOT fresh which means it's been there for a while.

"This is a busy commuter service which means it can be cramped enough without having to avoid half a carriage due to this unsightly scene."

Mr Bryne also said he pays a lot of money to travel with Southeastern every week and has demanded his fare back from the operator. 

The company immediately responded to the complaint and said it is working to fix the issue.

A spokesperson said: "Thank you for bringing this to our attention – we’ve immediately taken the train taken out of service so we can investigate the problem and clean the carriage.

"We’re sorry to any customers who may have used that train this morning."