A Blackheath songwriter, known as the Andrew Lloyd-Webber of football anthems, has teamed up with a Britain’s Got Talent singer for a World Cup song.

Paul Baker has penned Holiday in Brazil for 15-year-old singer Gabz in the lead up to the football tournament in South America this summer.

Proceeds will go to the Make a Wish Foundation.

Musician Paul, has been penning footie tunes for 15 years and was inspired by his granddad Billy Briscoe, who played for Stoke.

In 2006, he wrote the song Stand up 4 England for the band Koopa, while he wrote Cabanga featuring the England Band as well as the Loose Women’s We’re Going All the Way in 2010.

In 2012, he composed the FA’s official Euro 2012 song Sing 4 England, which was sung by Chris Kamara.

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As an added bonus, News Shopper has rounded up 10 of our favourite football songs.

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The Lightning Seeds featuring Baddiel and Skinner - Three Lions (1996)

Overplayed and understandably. Not only is it a solid gold tune, it is also evokes the memory of the last time England looked like doing something in a major tournament.

Shout for England featuring Dizzee Rascal and James Corden - Shout (2010)

It's poppy, it's 80s inspired, it's got a rap...it's not World in Motion. And England were still a wash-out.

Fat Les - Vindaloo (1998)

Long before his daughter had got near the charts or he put on the Sheriff of Nottingham chainmail, Keith Allen was a serial World Cup songbomber (he's in the back of World in Motion too). The terrace-friendly Vindaloo was the work of Allen, blur bassist and latter day cheesemaker Alex James, and cow-pickling artist Damien Hirst.

New Order - World in Motion (1990)

That John Barnes rap...

The 1970 England Squad - Back Home (1970)

Not content with going into the tournament as reigning champs, the squad made history by recording the first world cup squad song. It's catchy but not exactly rousing.