Some may be sick of the sight of UKIP, with the controversial right-wing party dominating headlines due to last week's success in the local and European elections.

Others, however, may have embraced the party so much they want to eat a meal inspired by its pro-British, anti-immigration policies.

If you are part of the latter group, you're in luck.

Nigel Farage's local the Blacksmith's Arms, Cudham Lane South, announced today a UKIP-inspired pie to "celebrate the rise in popularity of UKIP".

The pub said on its Facebook page: "Marie Antoinette said 'Let them eat cake', Nigel Farage says 'Let them eat British beef and ale pie'.

"It is served with mashed potato and cabbage (definitely no Brussels sprouts; they lead to hot air), all washed down with a pint of traditional English ale."

News Shopper:

Nigel Farage at his local pub the Blacksmith's Arms in Cudham

The post continued: "This is truly a Great British meat pie, created by the chefs at the Blacksmith’s Arms to celebrate the rise in popularity of UKIP.

"Remember, every pub is a parliament."

The pub added the pie is made with the following ingredients:

  • UK beef
  • Leeks from Wales
  • Potatoes from Ireland
  • English ale
  • Kent carrots
  • Turnips (neeps) from Scotland
  • Smoked bacon 
  • Suet pastry

It said the turnips from Scotland are "optional if they leave the union", while the smoked bacon is "optional according to religious beliefs".