A disabled Bromley man claims a housing association told him they wouldn't fix his collapsed fence until 2016.

Roger Golding, of Arcus Road, says the fence blew down in early December last year and is the responsibility of Phoenix Community Housing, who own the property next door.

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Where the fence collapsed following bad weather in December last year

The 68-year-old said: "My neighbour got in touch with them as soon as it went down and I have been down and talked with them a few times.

"The last time I spoke to them, which was last week, they said it wouldn't be until 2016 before they fixed it.

"It is terrible, I am angry. I'd expect them to say they'll repair it as soon as possible.

"I cannot do anything because I am disabled. I cannot walk.

"My neighbour is a single parent. They don't seem to care."

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The remnants of Mr Golding's fence in his Arcus Road garden

A Phoenix Community Housing spokesman said: "Demand for fencing repairs across Phoenix homes is high, particularly with the high winds and rain experienced over the winter months.

"We prioritise repairs to fences where the damage poses a significant risk to the security of people’s homes. We do not believe this is one of those cases.

"We have agreed to replace the fence as part of our ongoing major works programme and will seek to complete this as soon as possible."