A lack of mobile signal in the Petts Wood area for six days has led to company EE being bombarded with complaints from angry customers.

Many users of the EE network have been without reception since last Thursday, while Virgin Mobile users are also said to be affected.

Some customers have been told the problem is due to a faulty mast at Morrisons supermarket.

Anthony Brown, 38, of Petts Wood Road, said: "My phone's been out of service since last Wednesday.

"They sent me out three new sims as theywere blaming my sim card. They now say that the mast above Morrisons has a fault but there is still no update as to when it will be fixed."

EE is now being targeted on social media for its lack of progress in sorting out the issue.

Expectant mum Norsa Usop wrote: "No service for 5 days now in Petts Wood/Orpington area.

"Seriously sort it out! 9 months preg here I need appointments to book n need my phone at hand incase I go into labour!

"If u can't even provide the basics of ur contract agreements to ur customers then what's the point in us paying our bills!"

Kat Allen hit out at the operator, tweeting: "No service since Thursday and many other roads in the Petts Wood area. Please, can you sort this out ASAP lots of business lost."

And Benjamin Benjamin Hopkinson wrote: "3 days of no-service from @EE in the Orpington / Petts Wood area! It's like having an iPod touch and not a phone at all!"

A spokesman for EE said: "We're aware that some customers in the Petts Wood area recently experienced network issues. This has been resolved today and we apologise for any inconvenience caused."