Eating food of the floor and using the same plate for lunch and dinner are just two dirty habits admitted to by Londoners.

A survey by eco-cleaning product company, Method, has been studying the capital’s dirty secrets.

Four out of five (77 per cent) people in London admit to living in a messy home with people using their hairdryer, tea towels and even socks to do the dusting.

What’s more of a shocker is that even though houses are a state, 67% are happy eating food off the floor.

Nearly two thirds (65 per cent) admit to having bad washing up habits with one in 10 reusing their lunch plate at dinner time without cleaning it.

Others revealed the great lengths they go to, to avoid dishwashing, including using papers plates and even wiping lipstick marks off of glasses instead of giving their guests a clean one.

What’s more, the people against dirty pioneers at method discovered 53 per cent revealed they only clean their windows when they can no longer see out of them or when a bird messes them up.

And when it comes to the bed sheets, 65 per cent don’t change their bed linen every week with one person even owning up to buying brand new sheets to avoid washing their dirty ones.

What has turned us into such dirties? According to a staggering 94 per cent of the people surveyed, it’s down to a lack of motivation, time and enjoyment, as the most common reasons for this slovenliness.

Britain’s top 10 messiest towns according to method

1. Chelmsford, Essex

2. Aberdeen

3. Bristol

4. York

5. Cambridge

6. Southampton

7. Wolverhampton

8. Sheffield

9. Glasgow

10. London