A Bexley conservationist is calling for action after battling Bexley Council for 20 years to try and get an ancient lane blocked off from flytippers and joyriders.

Norman Pearson, 85, of Dartford Road, Bexley was so enraged when he saw a News Shopper story about the latest bout of flytipping in Tile Kiln Lane, Bexley he felt like he had to get in touch after reading it would cost £800 for the rubbish to be removed by contractors.

Reporter Melissa Hills went down to meet Mr Pearson to see what he wants done to keep the ancient woodland track in tact.

Mr Pearson said: "I have lived in this area since 1956 and the problem with fly tippers goes back at least 30 years.

"I have been trying to get Bexley Council to put up posts or some sort of deterrent to stop the fly tipping trucks being able to drive up the lane for the last two decades.

"I own two fields that you access from the lane and I have spent my life planting 3000 trees in them to preserve them and keep the area beautiful.

"There needs to be posts put in at each end to still allow walkers, cyclists and horse riders down there.

"When I read it was going to cost £800 to remove the last bout of flytipping I just could not believe it.

"That is taxpayer's money that is being wasted and should be used for better things, all they need to do is block it off to stop the trucks getting up there.

Mr Pearson has been taking pictures of the flytipping in Tile Kiln Lane since 1987 and says "enough is enough".

MP James Brokenshire has also written to Bexley Council on Mr Pearson's behalf.

The two fields Mr Pearson owns where he has planted all the trees have been named after him- Norman's Wood and Pearson's Wood. 

Alan Childs, who is retired and a former headteacher, who has lived in Dartford Road for 30 years, added: "The only people that need access to the lane is Norman.

"The council don't maintain the lane and they should do and it just feels like we are not being listened to.

"We know it is a public highway but something must be done to stop these fly tippers destroying our beautiful home.

"Norman has dedicated his life to making this area better and it should not be blighted by people like this."

A Bexley Council spokesman said: "This is a Byway which is ‘open to all traffic’.

"We have a statutory duty to keep the Byway open and so we cannot gate it.

"The council has carried out public consultation exercises twice in the past with a view to restricting access, and on both occasions there was significant opposition to the proposal."